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Universal 2.5mm Precision Fiber Stop

Price: $50.00
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Part Number:PFS-U

  • Accessory used with the Bullet® Bare Fiber Adapter
  • Designed to assist in alignment of bare fiber to the end of a connector ferrule

  • Features
  • Patented universal axial fitting mechanism fits 2.5mm ferrules
  • Stainless Steel
  • Internal Zirconia Sleeve
  • Disassembles for cleaning
  • Prevents fiber end damage
  • Increases efficiency of testing process

The Universal Precision Fiber Stop (PFS®) is designed to assist in aligning a bare fiber flush with the end of the face of a fiber optic connector. One PFS® will accept any 2.5 mm ferrule or ST, FC, SC, DIN and E2000 connectors.

In certain environments, it can be difficult to determine if a fiber is flush with the end of the connector face of a Bare Fiber Adapter. The flushness of the fiber is one of the determining factors associated with the quality of the connection. In some cases, if the fiber is protruding from the ferrule, damage could result to the fiber end and possibly to the detector or lens of the test equipment.

To use with a Bullet® Bare Fiber Adapter, slide the PFS® onto any 2.5 mm ferrule. Insert your fiber into the adapter until it is stopped by the internal ferrule blank of the PFS®. Release the pressure foot on the adapter to secure the fiber between the retention pads. Remove the PFS® and connect the adapter to the test apparatus.

The zirconia bushing allows the PFS® to slide on and off the ferrule of a bare fiber adapter or connector without the need to key lock or screw in to secure. The internal ferrule blank is spring loaded to serve as a contact relief when mating to connector ferrules. The body of the PFS® can be disassembled for cleaning by unscrewing the end cap from the main body.

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